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Nextrino - Vibrating Foam Roller Review

An affordable yet powerful vibrating foam roller. Nextrino’s Nextroller is one of the best choices for athletes of all types looking for an effective tool for massaging and rolling out their muscles. The Nextroller has a 3-speed vibrating system powered by a rechargeable battery that will provide over 2 hours of use. It comes with a charger and a one-year warranty all for just $99.99 at Best Buy.

The Pros:

· Affordable $100 price tag. Way cheaper than many competitors and still provides a high-quality massage experience.

· Generous 2-hour charge. Two hours of straight use is enough to last you potentially days on a single charge.

· Variations in roller body allow you to concentrate more pressure on particular muscles.

· 3 speed system with a decent high-power mode to help give you a nice deep tissue massage.

· 1 Year warranty

The Cons:

· The variations in the rollers body may be appreciated by some, but may feel weird for others, as certain parts are smooth, and others are rougher and are designed to get deeper into the soft tissue.

· More expensive rollers such as the Hypervice Viper 2.0 offer a more powerful motor setting and an all smooth (or bumpy) body.

· The power switch seems to rattle for some reason making the roller quite loud, especially when it is on its highest setting.

The verdict:

If price is a concern for you then NextRoller is likely your best option when it comes to a premium foam roller experience. For those looking for a more powerful roller, the Hypervice Viper 2.0 will cost you about $200 and is a bit smaller in length than the NextRoller. Regardless, the NextRoller still offers a great experience for rolling out tight muscles and I can definitely give it my recommendation for distance runners.