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Compatible with: iOS

Released: 2019

StrobeLink is an iOS app that allows users to link up their phone's flashlights to be controlled by a single device. Users can enter a group number code and enable the group creator to control the speed at which their flashlight flashes or whether it is on or off. This allows for fun and easy strobe light dance parties anywhere you are.

Download now: iOS

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Trivia TV Series

Compatible with: iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, macOS Catalyst

Released: 2020

Football Trivia TV and Christmas Trivia TV are apps part of the trivia TV series. Each app features its own theme complete with an ever growing list of fun questions and beautiful backgrounds. The app is simple to use, simply launch the app and trivia questions will show before automatically revealing the answer. The Trivia TV series is perfect for group gatherings as many people love to put their trivia skills to the test. These apps are best experienced on large displays.

Download now: Christmas Trivia(iPadOS/tvOS), Christmas Trivia (macOS), Football Trivia(iOS/iPadOS/tvOS), Football Trivia(macOS)

SwimSplits Calculator

Compatible with: watchOS

Released: 2019

SwimSplits Calculator is a simple Apple Watch app that allows users to quickly calculate their swimming splits right from their wrist. Simply put in your goal time and swim distance and the app will generate all of your splits per distance.

Download now: watchOS

PaceAce: Run pace calculator

Compatible with: iOS, watchOS

Released: 2019

PaceAce is a simple app that allows users to quickly calculate their splits for running. Users can simply enter their goal time and distance and paceAce will quickly generate their running splits.

Download now: iOS/watchOS

The Good Noodle App

Compatible with: iOS

Released: 2018

The Good Noodle App is an app that allows teachers to keep track of their students participation. Based off of the Good Noodle board from an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, teachers can create a group that students can join and receive gold stars. Students can view all of the members of the group to compete for gold stars.

Download now: iOS